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With sincere thanks to Henry Woledge, Alberta’s nephew, who was invaluable in providing family information and the photographs shown throughout this website.


University of Leeds, Brotherton Library: see the collection,  Letters to Alberta Vickridge, over a 50 year period, from her literary friends and associates.  http://library.leeds.ac.uk/special-collections-explore?query=vickridge

Relevant Blogs: ‘Female Poets of the First World War’: http://www.femalewarpoets.blogspot.co.uk/   and

‘Inspirational Women of World War One’  at  www.inspirationalwomenofww1.blogspot.co.uk

Second-hand copies of The Jongleur and other work by Alberta Vickridge can still be found on sites, such ABEbooks.

See relevant bibliography of women’s role in wartime at http://www.femalewarpoets.blogspot.co.uk/p/bibliography.html

See also the book, Tumult and Tears: The story of the Great War through the eyes and lives of its women poets,  by Dr, Vivien Newman, published in 2016 by Pen & Sword History.  Alberta’s poem, The Red Cross Sister, taken from her anthology The Star Gazer, is included and analysed.

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